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A Brief Synopsis About the Situs Togel Singapura

Situs Togel Singapura

Situs To Gel Singapura is a new series of books that is aimed at both beginner and advanced martial artists. Situ To Gel refers to the legendary fighting art from Philippines that has been passed down from generation to generation. The history of this martial art can be traced back to the early nineties when it was created by the legendary Filipino artist Agustin “Yor.” In the decades following his death, his widow, Agustin herself, kept the secrets of the art under wraps and only recently has it been revealed to the world.

The art can be traced back to early nineties when a group of young men went to the United States to study with some of the top trainers in the country. Among these students were a young man by the name of Joe Pesci. One of these student’s was Kenpo, who was trained by the same instructor as Pesci. One of the topics that the young man learned was Tentus To Gel or simply Tango. It was then that he decided to pass this knowledge on to the rest of the students so that they too can learn how to perform the art.

situs togel

Situs Togel translates loosely to “trape hand” and Tango is primarily performed with the use of pada. This is a Filipina callipiguum which is the two handed dance where the dancer taps both feet to produce a figure eight. With the pada, you can perform a number of different movements such as the pada a, the pada e, and the pada kuda a. These three pada forms form the basis of Situs Togel.

A Brief Synopsis About the Situs Togel Singapura

After learning the art of Situs Togel, it was then that the old man went back to his homeland and brought with him the art of the Peranakan. This was after the old man had heard that there were two schools in the Philippines that taught the art. The school called Benaulim was run by a martial arts master named Bautista who taught the art of Situs Togel and was also the uncle of Angie. Bautista passed his knowledge of the art down to his daughter who taught it to her student, Angie. The school that the martial arts master called Benaulim taught at was named Laban Rata.

When the two schools met up, they began to compare notes on the various moves and techniques that they would be using. They realized that they needed different sets of hands in order for them to execute the moves well. Angie, the student was excited at the prospect of learning such an art since she had wanted to do dance ever since she was little. The old man was equally enthralled with the prospect. In order for the two of them to compare notes and learn the moves properly, they decided to join both the Peranakan and the Laban Rata gyms together.

Today Situs Togel Singapura and the old man are still connected. If you are going to watch the old man teach his students, you will see that he uses both hands quite often. The movements are fluid and the forms are flowing. He teaches all the techniques to both the beginners and advanced students and most of his students start with the basics. If you want to learn more about this art, why not check out the link given below.

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