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A Quick and Easy Guide to Facial Steaming for Acne Prone Skin

If you’ve ever spent time in a sauna, you know how relaxing the heat can be on your skin. In ancient Roman times, people used the power of heat for cleaning; taking advantage of the properties of steam to purify your pores and keep your complexion free of blemishes. This technique continues to be a part of modern beauty regimens today.

What is facial steam?

Around 110 degrees, the temperature of the steam causes the body to produce sweat. This sweat contains impurities from the skin, which could otherwise cause blackheads and acne. If you suffer from chronic acne, facial steaming can be a great way to clear up your skin quickly.

This beauty technique can be done at home, with a large bowl, a kettle, and a kitchen towel. While professional steam cleanings are a common salon procedure, they can be expensive, and it helps to know how to do your own.

What are the benefits of facial steam?

As explained, the steam opens the pores and allows dirt and bacteria to escape from the skin. This prevents oil, dirt, and debris from turning into unsightly blackheads, skin clogs, and chronic acne. The benefits of the facial steamer for acne-prone skin are numerous, because the beauty technique also rehydrates and revitalizes the complexion.

How facial steam relieves acne symptoms?

The cause of acne is bacteria and dirt under the skin, which accumulates and prevents the pores from breathing. With the use of facial steam these pores can be opened and unblocked. In fact, steam is great when it comes to cleaning and destroying bacteria and acne nodules that cause problems for acne sufferers.

How often should I steam my skin?

While facial steaming can be an effective way to treat chronic acne, it’s important not to overdo it. Pore-clogging oils are not inherently harmful, as their main function is to keep skin lubricated and protected. Without these oils, the skin can crack and ache.

However, an overabundance of these oils is what leads to acne, so striking a healthy balance is the key. This is why facial steaming should not be done too frequently, to avoid stripping the skin of its protective oils. In some cases, steaming too often can even result in oily skin, as the pores work to produce extra oil to make up for the loss. The general rule of thumb is to steam clean no more than three times a week.

What is the correct way to steam clean skin?

Fill a large container with boiling water, making sure not to burn your hands or face.

Second step
Place your head above the water (at least 12-18 inches away). If necessary, place a towel over your head to keep the steam in, but don’t hold your face above the water if the sensation is uncomfortable.

Step three
As long as the feeling is comfortable, keep your face above the water for 10-15 minutes. You can use an acne wash or moisturizer for extra purification once you’re done steaming.

For additional pore-cleansing benefits, place 1 drop of peppermint oil in boiling water.

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