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auto insurance master script

If you need to generate leads from people interested in getting up-to-date auto insurance rates, here’s a script that works great. All verification questions are asked first to build trust with the prospect before asking for new information. Don’t overthink your lead generation campaign, often the simplest processes produce the best results. Start with a brief greeting and explain the reason for the call within the first 30 seconds or risk losing the prospect’s attention. Check first, request new information second. Use verification questions to debrief with prospects before asking for new information. For example, “I show your address as…”, rather than “how much is your monthly auto insurance policy right now?”

Write down any rebuttals the telemarketer may need to handle common objections. Think of these as opportunities to provide more information, as well as direct the conversation toward generating a lead. Generating interest and doing simple verification work should be the main goal of every call. Don’t make the mistake of trying to pack too much into each call.

“Hello, can I speak to __________? Hello _________, this is NAME OF AGENT, I’m calling from XXX car insurance, I’m just calling to verify your information so we can provide you with up-to-date car insurance quotes, I show your name as the NAME and your address as ADDRESS in CITY, STATE and zip code is ZIP CODE I also have your email as EMAIL ADDRESS, is that correct?

Thank you, and what is your marital status? (Single or married).

Are there any additional controllers that we need to include? (if so, obtain name, date of birth).

We understand that people’s vehicles change often, so which vehicle do you currently insure? I just need the year, make and model.

Are there additional vehicles? (if so you need the year, make and model).

Are you currently a homeowner? (owned/rented)

And who is your current car insurance company?

Thanks, and finally I have your date of birth listed as/what is your date of birth? (if not listed in contact info)

To make sure we can save you the most money, we’ll have a local insurance agent contact you so you get the best possible rate and coverage. Thank you for your time and have a great day.”

Side note: this script works great with a web based lead form, you can quickly create a form that follows this format in Google Docs and it will deliver the results in an online spreadsheet that updates in real time.

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