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How to lose weight without pain?

Is it possible to lose weight without diet and exercise? Is there a magic pill that can help you lose weight without any effort?

You know the answer. It’s not possible. When it comes to talking about weight loss, there is always effort involved. The first thing that comes to mind is dieting. If I want to lose weight, I must control my cravings. I must diet. I must eliminate desserts, chocolates and cold drinks from my life. I should exercise and all that.

It seems like too much hard work. It’s tough and tough. But there is still another way. You can’t lose weight without exercise or proper diet plans, but you can easily do it.


You can’t stick with a program long enough if you don’t enjoy it. To do any exercise, you have to have fun doing it. Fun makes it easier. Happiness is the second factor that makes life better and easier.

First, step to lose weight easily

Don’t check your weight every day. Put your scale aside and forget about your weight for a few days. Take a picture of your slim body and hang it somewhere where you can see it night and tomorrow. Forget about losing weight or exercising or any other health problems.

Second step

Exercise is important, so let’s do it. At first, don’t stress yourself out. We don’t want to do cardio on the first day. Stay still and start dancing to the music. Move your right arm up and then move it down. Do it a few times. Exercise lightly and effortlessly. Try to have fun during your exercise time.

Third step

Get started with MS Excel. On your spreadsheet, write down your goals and write them down. Your first goal should be to drink 8 glasses of water a day. The second goal may be to walk 20 minutes a day. The third goal can be to dance for 15 minutes. In this way, you can fill the entire table. Now go behind your goals. When you have finished drinking 8 glasses of water, reduce the first column of your spreadsheet. This way you can get to the end of your table where you will be slim and smart.

These steps will give you freedom and relief.

If you don’t like exercise, look for some alternatives. You can play a game. You can join a gym or weight loss center. You can do yoga. Yoga is fun for most people and yoga burns 3 calories per minute. Joining a gym is also a good option for many people.

Forget about the diet. Think about having a healthy meal. It is about a healthy lifestyle. Make a variable diet plan and enjoy your healthy meals.

Best of luck!

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