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Make your best friend your boyfriend

Still wondering how you can turn your best friend into your boyfriend? Don’t you wish he could stop treating you like one of the boys and see you as the lady that you are? How do you take that step from being in a platonic relationship to a romantic one? Before you go ahead and work on getting your best friend to become your boyfriend, you need to understand that you are reaching a point of no return. The moment you start treating him like more than a friend, things will change between the two of you. So think twice before turning our best friend into your boyfriend.

And if you have already decided on that, here are some ideas to help you.

more than one of the boys

First, you need to give him more special treatment than you would give your other friends. For example, you will want to be more attentive to him and be there for him when he needs you. Be sweeter and nicer to him so he realizes you’re not just one of the boys anymore. Giving her extra attention will make her think how great you must be as a girlfriend.

Don’t fix his problems girl

You can’t make your best friend your boyfriend if you keep listening to his dilemmas about dating another girl. If anything, it’ll just make him think you’re comfortable when he talks about other women, so he’ll just think of you as a friend.

Show him that you are not comfortable with him talking about his concerns about other women. Sometimes it’s okay to show that you’re a little jealous of the girls he dates because you don’t just see him as a friend.


Your best friend filed you in the ‘Friends’ folder probably because he doesn’t see you as a woman. If you dress up and are more feminine, he will start looking at you in a different light. While you still want to dress to be comfortable, how about putting on some makeup when you go out with him?

You can also flirt a little to tell him that you are interested in something else. The good thing about being his friend first is that you probably know what he is most attracted to in women. Turn your best friend into your boyfriend by being the kind of woman he likes.

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