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Sleeping in Bum Land – New Survival Novel

There’s a new book that’s not even on the shelves, titled “Sleeping In Bum Land,” which tests the courage of a young man’s quest to survive on the streets of Los Angeles for an entire year. Many times you imagine from the back of your mind what a life in the gutter would be like, in this case, I submitted to the perspective of life with raw eyes like a tramp, no shower, penniless, sometimes naive and full of a new life. culture whose daily life is kept between the sand and the ocean.

Such a book was created in the form of a diary, unplanned, all real, revealing the entire process of abandoning society to write in California that many have sworn to discover, yet from my pen I expressed the absolute truth on the page, dotted with climate. So how did I decide to write such a book? Well, I just got my ticket to Los Angeles to be on a magazine team during this month of heavy lifting and competition; Suddenly I had been abandoned on the side of the road. The writing in my journal captures the sudden burst of senses underlined by vampires, city streets, homelessness, and instinct.

Take Burroughs’ anarchic style; or Kerouac, make a potent blend that ferments and ages and then you will come up with a name for that style in Blood Homeless. I end up meeting a vampire when I rush to find a cheap hostel with nothing but a sack on my back and in my most vulnerable state he accepts me with a deal that we will be business partners. Our efforts take us to important places where I meet a number of characters like Lukaword, Jean Grinaire and Ulysses, The Go-Go Dancer, Gus, Whiskey Dan; that I learn about how to live on the street. My most memorable place was sleeping in a gutted cabinet that once served on a dolly but now provides shelter from the rain. The beach is where my moments generally consist, from the picturesque sunsets, to the surreal theatrical scene that is the boardwalk, and the culture of beach bums and “highlanders.”

During those rare first moments on the street, I capture an exciting freedom that goes hand in hand with simply landing on your own in the wild. The climax comes when I fall in love with Violette and live half my life in a VW van on many nights of street parking all over Venice, dreaming of traveling north together. Inevitable I learn the hard way about what it means to give up your possessions and sanity to endure long-distance homelessness, in this, being hit by a car and hit in the face, and thrown into the challenging seemingly impossible sewer. to get up. This is Blood Homelessness, no walk in the park, but a good fuck for the senses and the joy riding through the poetics, ultimately someone a book could kill for writing and almost did. “Beautiful women always seem to be naked around the corner from a party where the men from the royal sandcastle have their way, rubbing a light meat marinade on their boobs. What fun it is like a homeless man farting. in a cozy dining room, and burp like a beast. “

-Sleeping in Bum Land, Chapter 16 Visit from the shelter sister

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