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The 3 main strategies of StarCraft 2

Using the correct StarCraft 2 strategies will dramatically put you ahead of your competition. Let’s jump right into the top 3 strategies in StarCraft 2.

Pick a Race and Follow It – The first of these StarCraft 2 strategies is for the first time you get the game. In the beginning, it’s a good idea to test each of the three races to see which one you feel most comfortable with and enjoy the most. If you played the original StarCraft or Brood War and had a favorite race, stick with it as you will probably feel more comfortable and familiar with it. If you are choosing for the first time, know that no race is devoid of cracks in its armor. But it is important to choose one and stick with it, if for no other reason than so that you can familiarize yourself with the hotkeys configured so that you can react in the fastest and most efficient way because you will not be able to compete at any high level. until you master this.

Saturated Minerals: The next of these StarCraft 2 strategies is all about your resources. Most of the normal bases have 8 collections of minerals and you must have 3 workers (SCV, probes or drones, depending on your race) in order to extract your minerals in the most efficient way. You should also have 3 workers on a geyser, for gas. However, spend your resources just as quickly. Never find yourself in a situation where you are sitting on a large amount of minerals. Keep building and never have more than 500 minerals at a time.

Know Your Build Order – Obviously, each race has different types of forces and units. Each race has a recommended best build order that you should be up and running with as soon as the game starts. However, it is important that you do not commit to any building order throughout the game. If you are attacked early on, be prepared to alter the build order accordingly. Still, knowing the proper build orders is perhaps the most important of the StarCraft 2 strategies you can have under your belt, so being familiar with them ensures that you can build more efficiently and quickly at a competitive level.

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