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The Basics of Apple iPods

Apple iPods have been with us for some time. Quite a few people enjoy using their Apple portable devices every day as an easy way to keep up with the music and other electronic media they want in some kind of easy-to-carry format. Here are some of the basic iPod features that may be of interest to you.

First, there is the issue of storage. Over time, each new generation of the Apple iPod line has increased storage space for songs, videos, and other media. From what seemed like a modest 226 MB just a few years ago, you can now get drives that are between 1 and 4 GB without a problem. All this extra space has made it easier to have many music selections at your fingertips without having to delete old tracks to make room for new ones. Depending on the size of the individual music files, you can store up to a thousand melodies for your listening pleasure.

Next is the size. While none of the iPod models could be considered bulky, they do vary in size. The older models fit snugly in the hand, and the newer models have gotten slimmer and slimmer. At the same time, the display screens on most models have moved from basic black-and-white graphics to full-color displays. One exception is the iPod shuffle, which is strictly for audio purposes and is about the size of a pack of gum, so there’s no display screen. Surprisingly, the ability to maneuver through your music inventory is a snap with all generations of Apple’s iPod products, including the Shuffle.

Using your iPod with your computer wasn’t a reality at first, but later models jumped on the bandwagon. Today’s models don’t require much more than a cable to connect with your laptop or desktop and make use of your computer’s speaker system to move the space forward. The quality of the tracks themselves has improved over the years, making the overall listening experience better than ever.

Apple’s iPods just keep getting better and better, so don’t be surprised if the next generation has a new trick or two not found in previous models, in addition to improving features already in use.

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