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Top 10 Most Ignored Roommate Interview Questions

1. How often do you have guests?

Often overlooked, guests and overnight guests can drive you crazy. At the very least, be sure to put some restrictions on overnight guests. Otherwise, you may end up getting two roommates for the price of one.

2. How loud are you, in general?

If you are trying to sleep and you have a roommate banging on doors and playing loud music late at night, you will be miserable. The best advice is to get a quiet roommate. If not, at least have some agreement regarding quiet hours.

3. How often do you wash your clothes?

Laundry is not only noisy, it can be expensive if it is done every day. Let alone all the extra clothes you will see in the dryer for someone else to empty. There must be some kind of agreement in advance, regarding the use and hours of the laundry.

4. How would you rate yourself on cleanliness?

Ask about dishes, kitchen, refrigerator, thrown items, pet hair, etc. Cleaning after others will age very fast.

5. How long do you plan to be here?

If someone is looking for something really short-term, remember that they will soon be looking for another roommate again and the cost of the vacancy will increase.

6. How often do you cook?

This is another overlooked question. Some people insist on cooking every night, and there is a possibility that they are controlling the kitchen, smelling the house with food, and probably leaving dishes and utensils all over the place, while increasing your gas bill.

7. How many things (junk) do you have?

If this question is overlooked, you may end up with someone cluttering your house and garage full of items, until you have no space left at all. The best option is to have them rent a storage space instead of taking your entire junkyard home.

8. Are you willing to take out the trash and help with other tasks?

It is better to resolve this situation as soon as possible. Imagine a trash can that is not emptied or cans that are not taken to the curb. You can end up doing all of this yourself unless you have an agreement.

9. How stable is your job?

The worst situation to avoid is someone who doesn’t have a steady job, not even a car to get to work. They will end up without paying the rent and then you will have a serious problem on your hands.

10. How prompt are you with monthly payments?

Believe it or not, almost all roommates will be late to pay their rent. Some will routinely pay late, and this is what you want to avoid. Let them know that you expect it on or before day 1, and that you don’t like having to ask. Also, be sure to collect the first and last month’s rent in advance, and perhaps a $ 200 refundable deposit in case of damage.

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