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Well-prepared food shouldn’t make you sick

When I want a really good burger, I go to a private restaurant. I will be cooked and served a “rare” or “medium rare” hamburger. However, this “rare” food is served with a caveat. Its my choice. When I buy takeout, I expect the burger to not be as good, but I shouldn’t get sick either.

In 1993 there was an outbreak of E. coli contamination (a nasty bacteria) in Washington state, resulting not only in many sick adults, but also seriously injured children. It is because of this outbreak that restaurants across the country are reluctantly serving some undercooked food. Personal injury lawsuits showed restaurants just how dangerous and expensive poorly prepared food can be. Even food contaminated with E. coli can be served safely if it is cooked properly.

Personal injury attorney Terry E. Lumsden successfully represented one of the seriously injured children who were affected as a result of the Jack In The Box contamination outbreak. Terry was the leader of 10 law firms representing seriously injured children due to that E. coli-contaminated food outbreak.

Terry said: “I organized a seminar in Las Vegas, Nevada for these law firms, where the work was divided between the firms. I coordinated their discovery, the litigation, the production of documents, etc. The project took several years, but resulted in many multi-million dollar settlements for injured children.

Terry was successful in his lawsuit. His client received a substantial personal injury settlement. The total amount of the settlement is confidential at the request of Jack In The Box. Terry has a lot of experience with E. Coli and Salmonella contamination. He has litigated similar cases since that 1993 outbreak.

Due to personal injury laws against Jack In The Box, local health departments adhere to strict procedures in food handling and cooking. Even in our homes, we need to be aware of potential risks and what to do about them. But especially restaurants should be responsible for the food they serve. After all, they are professionals.

We should be able to visit a restaurant, fast food or not, and order with confidence, knowing that the food served to us will not make us sick. Jack In The Box has remained a quality food establishment that produces some great items. I have many favorites there. I order without fear.

Yes, from time to time, I want to take a little risk. . . Take a walk on the wild side. . . and order a “weird” hamburger that’s up to me.

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