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What foods can make me grow taller? What can you eat to grow taller naturally even after puberty?

Growing up naturally is always a theme that is born during adolescence. You see everyone catching up on their height while you’re there, in awe and wondering why you’re still at the starting station. It can be embarrassing when people you know (who were actually shorter than you before) are now taller than you. It is sometimes a subject of ridicule among teenagers. But in reality, he has two options, namely, work to gain a few inches, or give up the ghost altogether by blaming his inherited genes for not being taller. Genetic inheritance is something we have no jurisdiction over, but we can maximize our genes by pushing them to the limit so that we can achieve what we want. If it’s a big problem for you, then that would be reason enough for you to work hard to solve it.

Growing taller would mean that you have to maintain the right diet, which will help your “genes” work harder to make you grow taller. It means you need to EAT WELL!

So what do I need to eat?

1 – Foods rich in vitamin D

Vitamin D is always called the sunshine vitamin because this vitamin is mainly obtained from the sun, but this is not entirely true. This is because you not only get it from the sun, but also from the foods that you can find in the supermarket and that are available for you to consume. Sunlight exposure isn’t necessary at all, but it’s still helpful, especially when the sun is still rising.

So, these are some of the foods you eat instead of the sun:

* Margarines

* Cod liver oil

* herring

* Canned Salmon

* Fortified butters

* smoked herring


Getting vitamin D for your intake will go a long way in your quest to get taller, but you should not exceed the RDA. Remember, too much of everything is still bad for your health, even if they are beneficial in the sense.

The lack or absence of vitamin D in your body will cause your bones to become brittle and soft, which will affect your overall posture and ultimately hamper the growth process. So the road to height would mean a lot of vitamin D for you.

2 – Foods rich in protein

The largest source of protein is lean meat, and therefore you need to eat more of this type of food to influence your growth rate. However, you must be sure that you will convert those proteins into the energy you need.

Your metabolism will greatly affect your growth rate. It is because your metabolism will facilitate the production of growth hormones. This should help you get your growth in no time.

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