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What is your style? – 8 style quotients and their traits explained

The boy who is so “sporty”. She is so “classy”. We often hear such comments. But have you ever wondered what exactly these styles mean? Have you ever wondered what traits and styles of dress go hand in hand with each of these style quotients? Read on to learn more about 8 different style quotients:


Your life is overloaded with work commitments to even spend time on your appearance. Appearance is secondary or tertiary on your list. You prefer easy and comfortable clothes in fashion. In general, he does not coordinate what he wears, even more so in such a hurry or does not like to see his reflection in the mirror. Pick up the most comfortable pair of clothes on display and don’t mind walking around in slippers. You usually shop windows without much personal interest. Anything that glitters doesn’t catch your eye. Your priority is your work and the practicality and feasibility and comfort it offers. You love who they are, and you have no qualms or regrets about it!


You like to let your hair down most of the time, you feel extremely comfortable in your skin, and you value comfort above anything else! You don’t always like trendy products; it has to suit your personal taste to land in your wardrobe. You’d rather chill out with your peeps with cold coffee or beer (if you’re within the allowed limit), gossip, catch up on the latest releases in your shorts! You’re laid-back when it comes to fashion, so you soften up your style to keep the fun factor intact while making for an easy-on combo! You love flowing colors and silhouettes. You love wavy prints and strutting your shorts with your sports shoes or casual t-shirts!

The girl / boy next door:

Your bright eyes and dimpled smile do the talking! Has an easy, simple and attractive deal with others; Traits that are easily recognizable by your baggy jeans, sweatshirts, and messy hair! You have a calm air about you that is reflected in your gestures and is equally attractive. You love to share a laugh with everyone around you, go out to eat with your girls, and also occasionally gossip / complain about other girls. You love receiving and giving flowers, chocolates weaken your knees, and you love your old, faded jeans more than anything in your life! You are recognized for your ponytails and cute ear piercing and we emphasize the fact of your “cute” smile!


You are extremely active and you like to reflect the same in the way you dress. Function is more important than fashion and a colorful wardrobe is your asset too! You love your sweatpants and slime / window displays every time you stop by an Adidas, Nike, Puma or Reebok store. Cool athletes have influenced you enough with their athletic looks in shorts or miniskirts that you notice yourself. Sports stars and their sporty flair invite you into a movie in your baggy T-shirt and shorts. Sneakers are the best pair of shoes you have ever owned and you wish you could walk into your office with the same one! Consider that bangles and bracelets are not just a style accessory, but that you believe in them for a cause. You love colors; whether it’s the brightest or even the dullest shades … you just know how to combine them for an “ambitious” look. In general, regardless of your favorite sport, you look like a sporty or modern person with your appearance!


You love rock and heavy metals, you love black nail paints, inks / tattoos, piercings, hair extensions, etc. You love heavy makeup, boots, messy hair, and the bohemian lifestyle. You loved punk rock stars and are willing to go to any lengths to get that poker straight hair with those dark rimmed kohl eyes; they are painted with Smokey eye makeup! You love clothes with frayed edges and often scissors your clothes to reflect your feelings. You love dark tints and color and would spend all your money to go to the Metallica concert. Boots, skinny jeans, and leggings are the best for you and you literally can’t live without them!


You are push, flirt, and seduction personified! You love body hugging garments and you focus a lot on the “asset show.” She flaunts her sex appeal through her flattering wardrobe! You are extremely conscious of your appearance and style, you love taking care of your figure; a regular gym – actually! Yes, you prefer to be loyal to a brand, although if an unbranded product makes you look amazing, then it will land in your wardrobe. Your body language is your key communicator; and to appear a perfect image is your obsession and passion. You wait for various celebrities for various style statements, and if you’re not satisfied with that, your tagline is a style statement of its own!


You like to think outside the box, follow your own style quotient that describes your inner self rather than simply complementing your outer beauty. You are radical, open and daring. You love to experiment with your style and fashion sense through combinations, blends, contrasts, or even outrageous outfits! Your muse or inspiration can be anything unexpected; You can induce him to complement your appeal according to your mood, the outside atmosphere, or even your favorite lines of poetry! You mix and match a lot and many times it may not be pleasant to everyone around you or they may not understand your point of view. However, don’t be discouraged, as your experimental clothing defines you; as they say I know what you are!

Of good tone

Rich and ostentatious labels float around their world, the luxurious and ostentatious life is their way of life. You literally love your tux and little black dress more than your life! Splurge is your forte and glamor is your style quotient. You love yourself and have no problem spending for yourself in the most sincere way possible. You prefer charitable causes; Somehow it keeps you grounded and makes you happy! The latest designer clothes are a must in your collection and update your wardrobe gown at most every 6 months. Precisely she has a dress assigned for all the uses of the day, from her yoga suit to her bathing suit and her cocktail dress or suit. You enjoy life to the fullest and it shows!

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