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What makes something the best in the world?

Anyone who has experienced Usain Bolt’s recent performances surely can’t make a case that the Jamaican athlete is the best in the world when it comes to the 100 and 200 meter sprint. However, many people and organizations claim to be the best without necessarily having a way to quantify their claim.

So what is it that really makes something or someone better? According to the Oxford English Dictionary, better when used as an adjective is defined as the most excellent or desirable type of quality or the most suitable, appropriate or sensible. And when used as a noun, best is defined as the most excellent or desirable, the highest standard one can achieve, or record performance.

When Angela Smith, the Minister for the Third Sector, said that Britain’s charities and voluntary organizations were the best in the world, these specific definitions may or may not have been met, but there is certainly an argument that Angela Smith’s comments are true based on some impressive facts. Facts including 73% of UK adults volunteer or 78% of people donate to charity, the highest level of giving in Europe.

The UK voluntary sector may well be the best, working tirelessly to support people, communities and make the national and international environment a better place.

So what can we all learn from your efforts to become the best at everything we do? For starters, the people and organizations that are considered the best seem to share a few key traits and these are determination, a hard work ethic, and belief in what they do. Many people don’t necessarily set out to be the best in their field, but by having a positive mental attitude and desire to succeed, they can end up with us as the best. Clearly having a gift like Usain Bolt’s helps, but even those athletes who compete against him know that even if they can’t be the best in the world, they can achieve great things by being the best they can be.

Going back to charities, community groups and other voluntary organisations, maybe no one knows who really is the best, but it doesn’t really matter as the work they do is great and benefits society and that alone is better than anything. best label. Similarly, for charities looking for charity liability insurance or trustee’s indemnity insurance, who really is the best insurance broker to choose? Well, maybe they should focus on choosing an insurance broker who specializes in charity insurance and can help them get the protection they need at the best possible price.

If you are looking for service providers, focus on what is best for you and there is a good chance that you will find the best one.

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