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Christian Living Book Review – Fourth Dimensional Life in a Three Dimensional World

By: Dr. David Yong-Gi Cho (2006)

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ISBN 978-0-88270-312-1

Book Price: $ 11.99

Pastor of the largest church in the world

Dr. David Yong-Gi Cho is pastor of the largest church in the world, Yoido Full Gospel Central Church in Soul, Korea. His congregation numbers more than 730,000 people, with more than 25,000 cell groups. He is a best-selling author of several prominent books. Dr. Cho has a unique insight into the spiritual realm accessible through Christ.

Spiritual keys to experiencing God’s best

Dr. Cho presents a simple formula to open the door to spiritual realization. He shares 6 chapters, covering, an invitation to a Fourth Dimensional world (Ch.1); Change our thinking (Ch. 2); Faith and trust (Chapter 3); Live with dreams and visions in our hearts (Chapter 4); Talk about change (ch. 5); & Find God in your spiritual training (Ch. 6).

Investing $ 1 a day adds up to $ 1,000,000 over time

Dr. David Yong-Gi Cho speaks with passion, authority, and personal reflection as he inspires readers to access the highest standard of living known to mankind. His style is captivating as it stops readers’ thoughts, stating: “The fourth-dimensional world is spiritual … made in the image of God, we are capable of knowing eternity and infinity.”

The scope of Cho’s writing transcends natural limits. Draw readers into a bigger world through descriptive analogies and illustrations. He shares about Roger Bannister breaking the 4 minute mile, saying, “Once they started to believe they could run faster, their actions followed their thoughts and everything started to change.”

Through the ideas of Dr. David Cho, the realm of impossibility is made available. His passion for the miraculous radiates confidence that inspires readers to follow him to experience it too. He expresses, “… God’s Word opens the door to the fourth dimension for us. This allows God’s creative miracles to occur in our lives.”

Dr. Cho speaks at times to address areas of needed change, such as: “Unless you get rid of negativity, such as anger, hopelessness, and insecurity, these elements will turn against each other and cause problems in your life.” .

Dr. David Cho is systematic in his approach, reflecting, “So far, we have examined fourth-dimensional spirituality and its elements: thought, faith, dreams, and words … components that govern our three-dimensional lives.”

Powerful Spiritual Principles That Work

Dr. David Yong-Gi Cho shares the ability to change our lives through powerful spiritual principles that work.

Success Step: List 2 dreams you have. Find a passage that supports them as God’s will, and say it daily!

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