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Nostradennis – Prophecy comes to life in our time

These newly discovered prophecies of the 14th century monk and mystic, Nostradennis of Greenville, are featured here for the first time. They were found in a mayonnaise jar on a shelf in the men’s room of a former monastery. His strange references to current circumstances are staggering. Who says that prophecy does not come to life in our time?

“And behold, a bush will burn in the desert and many will be perplexed and fear that a bush can speak and become a King with a fierce countenance and a lot of money.

And soon the season will come when appointments will be made by the people of men, the majority of Congressmen, and this will terrify the King of the West and irritate him more deeply.

He will close the bolt on the door and only those of the King will be accepted, although his end seems near.

And at the time when the November Witch is blowing, the King will bring vexations of spirit to the people so that the appointments by the people of the most congressional men are not for now. Postponements will abound along with the most disgusting iniquity.

The fiercest King will declare a code of Red on the people and the Eagle will smell a rat, although the rat will still live for a time, times and a time more.

And the people of the King of the West will languish and cry bwaaaa, bwaaa, bwaaa to the King and will not hear them. “Please don’t kill me,” they will say, but with contempt the bush that burns in the desert will mock them.

Those who speak for the people will say nothing …

And the King will laugh …

And shortly after the great postponement of the appointments by the people of the most congressional men, a Great Bird will emerge from the East to infect the Eagle, even if so planned.

A great illness will come upon the Eagle, at the urging of the waiting Cardinals, and the people will be very ill. And the Eagle, whose flu so proudly, will flee home and wait until the illness has passed. This will occur when the King of the West draws near to the end of his time, and yet he does not want it to be so.

He must declare the Code of Red so that a new King cannot come. So it still has to stay a little longer. And people will pray that Your new King can come, and his will be done, but it will not be so, because the Burning Bush will declare that it is not time for the New King to Come and that is why he will not come.

And the people of the King of the West will languish and cry bwaaa, bwaaa, bwaaa to the King and he will not listen to them … nor take care of them soon.

Those who speak for the people but will say nothing or defend the people from the fiercest King.

And the King will laugh and prosper …

And with codes of yellow, orange and red, the King will seduce the often frightened people.

Because in fear will lie the power of the King.

And the King, in the newest clothes, like that of Emperor, will completely fail in time. Those who roam the desert of burning bushes will also fail in time and no conditions will be found in the beds made in which the King must now lie.

And then comes the end when people will see the most needed salvation. The Eagle will come to its senses and will not fly from the flu, nor from other birds that are afraid of the flu. The cardinal, yes, really, not even the wooden pecks will torment the Eagle and he will be free.

And people will not cry bwaa, bwaa, bwaaa ever again ever again, from where the sun is now. And they will rise again on eagle wings and be free

And those who did not speak for the people will repent of their sins and the people will ask forgiveness.

And the men of the congress will be from and for the people once again. Exterminators and destroyers will not prosper, nor will liars rule the people.

And the King of the West, when asked about the poop he has caused, he will say … “It is not my problem”, as he used to speak when the ruler of the southern and western parts surrendered to be king.

But lo and behold, your problem is and no one will seek your advice or advice when you are banished to the private sector. For what can a King do for us, who burned like a bush in the desert and the most precious freedom for the people mocked us? Because on the day we hire the former king, our earnings will languish and be bogus earnings, you can believe it.

And the King of the West will no longer be smallpox on the children of men. The Lion will dwell with the Lamb and the child will guide them … Nor will they learn war anymore … And common sense will return a second time before its time.

So be it said … so be it written … so it shall be … Amen. “

I, Nostradennis on the Saluda River, declare these things to happen shortly. I do not drink the fruit of the vine or any herb or mushroom, but I have revealed the truth of what my eyes have seen in time and all my friends say “prophecy about friend”. Still, come … Amen again.

Whoa …….. Isn’t that creepy? Nostradennis … a man ahead of his time!

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