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Pomeranian litter box training tips to consider

Trespassing on a Pomeranian is not easy and some homeowners even admit that in extreme cases some homeowners have given up. But always remember that breaking into a Pomeranian’s house is not an easy task and it can even take months to get it right. In some cases, homeowners will give up and use Pomeranian litter box training on what they consider to be only a temporary measure in their home invasion. Keep in mind that as much as you may think it is temporary, your Pomeranian may not see it that way.

Before even considering Pomeranian litter box training, you may want to keep trying traditional housebreaking methods. Sometimes toy breeds hide under layers or enter areas you may not be looking at and that may be causing burglary problems. Be sure to try absolutely everything before turning to Pomeranian litter box training as a housebreaking method.

If you are completely convinced that what you need to do is Pomeranian litter box training, then get a litter box and place it where the dog has gotten the most dirty. Fill the litter box with shredded newspaper or some other organic filler. Do not use normal litter because they can eat it and get sick. Be prepared to clean the litter box regularly and still take the dog outside every now and then to continue the housebreaking training.

You can have your dog have a set feeding schedule so he knows when he will need to use the litter box, or you can just take him to the litter box every 45 minutes or so, so your dog knows to use the litter box. use the litter box after eating. If there are accidents, clean them up and do not punish the dog. The dog will only respond to positive reinforcement, so praise and reward him when he uses the litter box and avoid punishment at all times.

As your dog shows signs of getting used to Pomeranian litter box training, you can start moving the box slowly towards the door you want him to use to exit. Once you get the litter box to the door, start taking the dog out and eventually, hopefully, you can get rid of the litter box so the dog knows that the door is now the way to the bathroom. Be patient as any housebreaking with a Pomeranian takes time.

Be aware that once you start Pomeranian litter box training, you may be stuck with a dog that only uses a litter box. For many owners this is better than the alternative of a dog getting the carpet wet and that is why many stick with it. If you don’t mind the idea of ​​a dog using the litter box full time then it should be fine, but many dog ​​owners dislike this concept and that is why Pomeranian litter box training can be a bad idea.

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